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    Default Firehouse Kitchen / Common Area

    I posted this in another area and got no responses. Maybe this is the appropriate place instead.

    I'm new to our department here in my semi-rural Indiana town and I'm looking for a little advice. I hope these aren't stupid questions, it's why I'm posting in the "Probie House". And before I go on I've not only searched this site but I've searched google as well and haven't found what I'm looking for.

    We have 3 stations in our department. Our main station is in the middle of town, it's the biggest, nicest and where all our meetings and training takes place so obviously it's going to be the main hang out. No problem. However I DO want the guys at OUR house to have it feel a little more like home. Right now we pretty much have nothing. A kitchen area with empty cabinets, a fridge filled with nothing but bottled water, a ****ty couch, a broken TV... there's pretty much NO reason to ever spend anytime there. I want to change this. I don't plan on making this place the mother ship or anything but I DO want it to be a place that we can all converse and hang out when we find ourselves spending time there. I'm sourcing a used, working television, I already donated some pots and pans to the cabinets so we have some stuff to cook with, I'll find a cheap DVD player and bring up my old Xbox and hook it up, I'm picking up a free NEW couch on Sunday. I'm going to pick up a few LP tanks for our grill that doesn't have one so we can start grilling a little while we have station duty, maybe grab a lamp or 2 for the common area so we don't have to just use the giant fluorescent death light all the time.

    Any other ideas you guys have to make the place a little more hospitable?

    And that's not even my MAIN QUESTION! WTF do you guys stock your station's kitchen with? We're a volunteer department. A fairly busy one but still, there could be times we aren't on station for a week, week and a half. Are there any staples you guys ALWAYS have on hand (non perishable / long shelf life) in the cabinets / fridge / freezer so something can always be whipped up?

    I really appreciate the suggestions.

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    Is it supposed to be a firehouse or a social club?
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    Pots, pans, and a sofa turn a firehouse into a social club?

    Anyway, to the OP, think about what you and the others would enjoy having...don't over think it. but small quantities of different items (candy bars, drinks, pastas, pasta sauce) for a while to see what gets used and what doesn't. It might take several months to get it just right, but it will save you from shelling out money for items that simply sit and collect dust and eventually get tossed.

    And I know you're thinking about long-term non-perishables, but think of this: if you're going to have a firehouse that's more inviting for the members to regularly occupy, perhaps some the items won't sit on the shelves as long as you they might presently.
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    Thanks Box. I'll try not to trip over the guy holding the velvet rope because we're getting a working TV and a skillet. Lol. Well between here and the other area I posted this question I believe I have over 250 views and you're the only reply I've gotten. What a forum
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    Many busy volunteer fire departments do things similar to what the OP mentioned here to get guys to hang out at the station to decrease response time. Making it a little more inviting by having some creature comforts likea working TV, couches or recliners, a working kitchen and some food on hand, make it easier to get guys to hang out there.

    I would look at having some canned soups, beef stew, spaghettios, Ravioli, etc, and maybe some frozen pizzas and hot pockets. Stuff that is quick and easy to prepare with a long shelf life.

    Good luck.
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    There is no one answer -experement a little,watch what guys like, also get all the free reading (fire service) material you can. One other piece of advise, as a new member , be sure to include the older members in this project. Make them feel involved also. It may "recharge" their interest. Maybe get a mural of your logo painted.

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