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    Default 2012 Fire Prevention and Safety FP&S

    So, what bright ideas are out there. Who is putting in for what? What ideas are brewing?

    Trailers and such are sooooo boring now.

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    We are considering an all county (19 volunteer departments, 1 paid, and 2 industrial fire brigades) public safety day. This will include live demonstrations of fire extinguishment, vehicle extrication, EMS, police, and other public safety groups. This will be an all day field trip event in the spring for 5th through 11th grades (because we all know seniors don't care about anything but getting out of school in the spring) and continue as a public demonstration in the evening. The county already owns a trailer and this would include costs of pallets to burn, smoke machine and smoke for large buildings, propoganda. . . .I mean literature, lunch, etc.

    This is in the planning stage right now and we are hoping to have it fleshed out by the time the program opens. Might as well think big!!

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