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View Poll Results: How to you clean up after an MVA

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  • Sweep it off to the side of the road

    7 63.64%
  • Dispose of all the glass and small parts in the trash

    3 27.27%
  • Leave it on the roadway

    1 9.09%
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    No way those guys are way to cool!
    Stay Safe

    “Guys if you get hurt, we’ll help you. If you get sick we’ll treat you. If you want to bitch and moan, then all I can tell you is to flick the sand out of your slit, suck it up or get the hell out!”
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    Thumbs up Well.......

    Yes..... Or Sometimes...... Or Maybe. We tend to do whatever is needed to handle the problem in a reasonable manner. Yes, we'll push "Small Stuff" off the Travel Lanes, but NOT onto Lawns, etc. Often a scoop or two of sand, dirt, mulch, or whatever is available is thrown on spills, We don't carry Speedy Dry or anything like that. NOTE= If you are a department that uses a Fiberous oil absorbent, READ THE DIRECTIONS ON THE BAG. That stuff is for absorbing Hydrocarbons off of a WET SURFACE only. I mention it here because I've seen a huge number of FDs use the stuff, usually incorrectly. OK back to the Discussion: We help clean up stuff with the Tow Operators for several reasons, including the fact that some of them are VFD Members, some of them are a big help to us when we need it, and if everyone helps, things are done quicker and we can go home. A Neighboring Company ran an Auto Accident a couple of days ago, and there wasn't anything much to do, but they stayed for a bit anyway. as they were about to load up and leave, a car struck the apparatus. IF they had left when they found that they weren't needed, the car that hit the engine would have run through the first crash scene and hit several police officers. Here, ALL of us who run Emergencies on roadways look out for each other......

    Side note to Bones: Leaf Blowers are rapidly becoming the tool of choice for clearing a firebreak in a Hardwood Forest. One leafblower can do the same work as a half dozen guys with brush rakes in line building........ And, because of that, we're seeing more of them on Apparatus now.....
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