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    Default NFPA 1670 vs 1006

    Our county is building several specialty teams namely swiftwater rescue and a rope rescue( mosty for mountainous area with our SAR team) but we are having conflicting issues with training. Some training is based on NFPA 1670 standards in the awareness through tech level from one organization and training another ogranization is uses NFPA 1006. Both clain that there NFPA standard is the one that we should use. We have read both and there very simalar and we feel either would work for the team. Can anything help us understand the differance and wich is best for real world use?

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    one is for the department and one for the individual

    NFPA 1670: Document Scope

    1.1 Scope. 1.1.1* This standard shall identify and establish levels of functional capability for conducting operations at technical search and rescue incidents while minimizing threats to rescuers. A.1.1.1 This standard was developed to define levels of preparation and operational capability that should be achieved by any authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) that has responsibility for technical rescue operations. These defined levels provide an outline of a system used to manage an incident efficiently and effectively, to maximize personnel safety, and to bring about the successful rescue of victims and the eventual termination of the event. The system should be followed to increase the capabilities of the AHJ to deal successfully with even the most complex incident. The system progresses from the simple basic awareness level to the operations level, and, finally, to the technician level. It should be understood that, as the system expands, the requirements for training, operational skills, management ability, and types and amounts of equipment also expand. 1.1.2* The requirements of this standard shall apply to organizations that provide response to technical search and rescue incidents, including those not regulated by governmental mandates. A.1.1.2 Organizations providing such rescue, fire suppression, and emergency services can include fire departments, law enforcement, emergency medical services, and utility, public works, and rescue organizations. 1.1.3* It is not the intent of this document to be applied to individuals and their associated skills and/or qualifications. A.1.1.3 While organizations can meet the requirements of this standard, individuals and their skills and qualifications are outside of the scope of this document. NFPA1006, Standard for Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications, addresses rescue technician professional qualifications.

    NFPA 1006: Document Scope

    1.1* Scope. This standard establishes the minimum job performance requirements necessary for fire service and other emergency response personnel who perform technical rescue operations.

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    Awesome article that explains this whole thing perfectly. Mel is no longer with GFA but she knows her stuff.
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