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    How should i go about transfering my michigan ff certs to nfpa. Do i have to take a test to get certified in other states? Or go through there academy. Again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z train View Post
    emt 161 ur a total dousch bag. by the way.
    Truth hurts, sweetheart. By the way.

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    IMO, every new FF in every academy in the country should be have their Paramedic patch. If you do not like EMS, you need to find a different job. 70-85% of the job is EMS nowadays. Any department that is not searching for ways to increase their market share of the EMS side of things is a dinosaur, soon to be extinct. I'm not saying it will happen in our careers, but the next generation for sure. It is getting more and more difficult to justify the huge expenditures that FD's require, when the Normal Rockwell days of FFing are long since gone. Find a progressive department that recognizes the need to stay current with the demands of the city they are protecting.

    Ask yourself, why do you want to be a FF. If anywhere in your answer you mentioned 'helping people', you will help a lot more people, and save a lot more lives, if you have your Paramedic training.

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    And Z, the other dude is correct, your AA will not make squat difference as to which seat you will be assigned to day in and day out.

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    Most every Fire Dept around the Chicagoland area requires a paramedic license to apply. Chicago Fire being the exception since they open two seperate lists for hiring- one for FS&R and one for EMS. If you happen to have your paramedic license you can obviously place your name on both lists thus doubling your chances of getting on the Dept.
    If your offered the FF (FS&R) position and have a paramedic license, the Dept will use you as a medic on an ALS rig (Engine or Truck). You will not be on an amb, but you will do EMS runs as that is the majority of calls for service now.
    If you are offered the FPM (EMS) position you will be on the amb every shift as that is what they fired you for. You can "cross-over" to the FS&R side and get off of the amb but there are a host of variables that go into "crossing".
    As far as any education or certs (outside of paramedic) that you may have, the Chicago Fire Department will take copies of your degree(s) and certs and place them in your employment file. There are no extra points given and no preference in placement on the "processing" list. Also, you will have to attend the Chicago Fire Academy no matter what certs you have or how long you have worked in the same capacity anywhere else.
    Hoep this helps you with your decisions.

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