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    Question Electric E-Brakes?

    I was recently made aware of the fact that some cars will no longer have "manual" emergency brakes. We had a car accident the other night that proved this. My question is this: Since one of the 1st things we are to do is to disconnect the 12 volt battery system, is the "electric" emergency brake still "on" without power? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Great question. I wonder if it works like an air brake, i.e., the power holds the brake off instead of on. That way, with a failure of the power source, the brake "relaxes" onto the caliper and stops movement.

    I'd like to hear better info on this too.
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    My new Outback has that. Push the regular brake and hit the switch. Never thought about losing or just having a dead battery. Ill check the owners manual.

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    Had to tow a Volvo with it. Without the car running it would not release. Now this vehicle had a security key issue which likely affected release.I'll post again when I have more info.

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