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    Default written test question

    Ok guys Im going to ask a simple question and hope to get some great feedback: how the heck do I study for the written exams.

    Let me give you some background about myself: been a volunteer for five years, impressive list of certs, and a fire science degree. I also have a learning disability and struggled through school my whole life especially with math and science. I have many fire exam study guides and specific books for civil service math and mechanical ability. I am pretty much limited to Indiana for testing.

    Thanks guys for the input

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    Take the tests in the books and take as many written tests as you can. After a while they start to all look the same. Good luck!

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    I was never a good test taker. Years ago when I was 18, I got some great advice from a close friend who had been through the civil service wringer himself. He told me "Take every frikkin' civil service test you can. Every one of them. Even for the cops, the dog catcher.....all of them. The more you take, the better you get at taking them and more comfortable."
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