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    Default Grad School as a Firefighter...

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking at potentially entering a career as a firefighter and I was curious as to how difficult it is to attend graduate school as a fireman? Are there reputable grad programs that are willing to work around the rotating schedule of a firefighter? Furthermore, what sort of career advancement could one expect from getting a graduate degree in say public policy as a firemen? What would be the next careers or steps after obtaining such a degree as a firefighter?

    Thanks for any feedback, sorry for the redundancy of the questions, but I am very curious as to the answers...Thanks!

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    I completed my Masters in Public Administration through CalState Long Beach. It's a combination classroom/Internet program. I highly recommend it if you are in the Southern California area.
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    I also thought about getting my Masters, most likely in Public Admin. I was also curious as to what that could do for me once I am hired as a FF/EMT.

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    There are online programs

    Graduate degree will not help much till you hit the officer ranks, and that depends on the department you work for

    Now if you get a degree in an area that can be a second job, you can use it on your days off!!!!!!!

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