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Thread: Black helmet

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    FF's - black
    Lt's and Captains - yellow
    Chiefs - white
    Engineers - red
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    Our mutual aid group (13 departments) uses the same scheme:
    White - Chief Officer
    Blue - Safety Officer
    Red - Captain / Lieutenant
    Yellow - Firefighter (Interior Attack)
    Black - Firefighter (Exterior Operations only)
    Green - RIT Personnel
    Orange - Junior Firefighter

    It works very well to size up the manpower on a scene, especially since distances in our district make for manpower trickling on to a scene over a half-hour period or longer.
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    In our Department

    Yellow = FF
    Black = FF/EMT
    White = Cheifs

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    On our Volly Department You are issued a Bullard Traditional Helmet that is blue in Color if you are a Line Firefighter. However you are allowed to wear a black helmet as well. The probationary FFs are given an Orange Helmet front.
    Our County has alot of Volunteer Fire Companies so each one has a different helmet color. But the Chiefs and Officers from LT up have White Helmets

    Waco Fire - Blue or black
    Redlick Fire- Black
    White Hall Fire - Yellow or black
    Kirksville Fire - Red or black
    Union City Fire - Green or black
    Not sure about Berea Vol Fire Rescue
    Madison Co Rescue Squad - Blue Bullard Construction looking helmet
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    Chiefs- White
    IACOJ both divisions and PROUD OF IT !
    Pardon me sir.. .....but I believe we are all over here !
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    We all wear white helmets all the time, except for the guys that were walking down the street minding their own business and a BACKDRAFT blew the windows out -theres are now black and crusty

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    In case you are wondering why our guys wear helmets all the time ----------------- easy -"FUNNY THING BOUT EM _DAY AND NIGHT THEY ARE ALWAYS FIREMAN.

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