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Thread: 'On Call'

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    Default 'On Call'

    Deleted per request of author of poem.
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    Well, since we're without a poem, somebody write one!
    "Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.Ē
    --General James Mattis, USMC

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    Ok she has given permission again and said she won't change her mind.

    My wife dabbles in poetry from time to time. I got back from a call this afternoon and this was waiting for me.
    The pager starts beeping
    and my heart stops beating
    I hold my breath and listen
    Your station is called
    you scramble to get dressed and run out the door
    I hear you call "I Love You" as you take off
    I hear the siren fading and I begin to pray
    that you arrive safetly on the scene
    that the fire is put out quickly
    that no one is hurt
    most of all I pray that it wasnt my last chance to kiss you goodbye

    I dont dare turn on the news
    in my mind the fire remains small
    I watch the clock and sigh
    play with the kids
    fold the landry
    anything to stay busy
    why didn't I kiss you goodbye?

    the phone is ringing
    I offer a shakey hello
    youre on your way home
    everything is fine
    I can finally breathe
    I hear you pulling into the drive
    I cant wait to give you a kiss
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    thats really good

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurninLuv View Post
    thats really good

    Words from a supportive, yet worry-some wife.

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