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    Lightbulb Need Gas Detectors to Repair

    Hey guys,

    I'm still doing gas detector calibration videos and need some help. I've been a bit lazy about creating new ones with everything going on, but I'd like to get back on the horse here.

    On the page http://www.idealcalibrations.com/gas...or-information I've got a bunch of gas detector information (calibration gas they use, general info, how to video) but I'm missing a lot. Here's where I need help:

    I need gas detectors that I don't have on the page. That way i can do a calibration video and post it online for other people to help them out. If you see a detector on there, I still might not necessarily have a calibration video, e.g. the Altair 5, which I don't have a video for yet. Here's what I'm offering for helping out:

    1. A shout out in the video for helping everyone out. Can do name or just department or whatever you'd like.
    2. I'll calibrate the monitor for you for free, certified and everything.
    3. If you send me a busted up monitor, I'll repair it for free. I can't afford to give out free sensors, so if it needs new sensors or a pump motor or whatever parts I'd have to have you pay me for the them, but I'll do the labor totally free, and I'll ship it back to you on my account.

    If you've got something else in mind, let me know.


    James Moore

    P.S. Just realized I failed to include contact details here. My cell is 734-560-7481 and my email is james@idealcalibrations.com
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