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    Default Rewarding those who don't run calls, What should we give as a reward.

    Currently my fire company is looking at ways to reward responding and non responding members. We want to en-act a little rewards program. Each member (Responding or non responding) can earn a certain number of points for working fund raisers, attending drill/training, Attending meetings, responding on calls, working detail, etc, (Each one of these will have a different points value). Every 3 months you will be able to "Cash in" these point towards for example a clothing item (Company T-shirt, Sweetshirt, Jacket).

    We have a good selection of items for the responding members, But other then company clothing for both members to be rewarded we want to find some items that we can add to the "Store" for those who don't run calls.

    1 item we thought of was to have Apron's embroidered with the company name and logo for when these members work in the kitchen during our company dinners.

    What else can we do, For those out there that support those who respond to calls and put tons of hours in behind the scene what would you like to see as a points reward?

    All members are inrolled in a
    "LOSAP" Lenght of service awards program that is state run, where each member gains points for running calls, drills/training, meetings, events, standbys, fundraisers, but these program does very little other then a tax break each year, the bigger pay off is only after 1o yrs of service. This program is a state run program and we want to do a program like this, but it being a in-house "Company Store" rewards program. We also do top resonder and top non responder awards at each banquet.


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    Thumbs up Here is a cool idea!

    There is a woman in New Hampshire that makes duffel bags, totes, and laptop bags out of old used turnout gear. Her name is Evon Cassier. She is wonderful. www.evoncassier.com

    Here is a video of what she does.


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    Gift cards for local restaurants or stores, gas cards, gift cards for local grocery stores, or other locally owned businesses. Sends support to the community and shows a little thanks to all the members.Local businesses might even donate part of the cost of the cards.
    We have a local tourist trade business that has produced many items for us at his cost or even some outright donations .

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    My combo department gives a really nice travel bag with your name and department patch to all members after three years.

    I would ask the non-responding members what they would be interested in recieving. Giving them input to what the rewards will be will likely improve moral and make them feel like they are part of the process.
    Train to fight the fires you fight.

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    My department does cash money. Every 6 months we get paid, since it's volunteer.
    Training = $5 / every week
    Calls = $10 / every call / if you make it to the station

    All paper work is written down to ensure you get your money.

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    As non-uniform most of us in admin support don't like the navy blue 3/4 zip sweatshirt. A nice fleece vest embroidered with logo in other colors, and available in female sizing, polo-shirts would be nice.

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