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    Default EpiPen replacement?

    Our department is a certified Quick Response Service through the PA Department of Health. We are part of the EpiPen BLS program. We recently had to replace our EpiPens due to expiration. Total cost for two adult and two pediatric doses was $480. There has been some grumbling from a few of our non-EMS people about the amount of money we've spent on the EpiPen program. Anyone aware of any discount programs or grants for replacement of Epipens upon expiration? Or any other idea of how to save some money on them?

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    call makers of the product to see, if they can do anything for you, but check with your medical director to see if they have any problem of where you get drugs

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    Don't know if this would work with EpiPens because of their lack of use in hospitals and minimal use in the field, but worth looking into or considering. We do regular drug swaps with another agency that is far more busy than us. That way our stuff doesn't sit and expire (we get their newer stuff) and in most cases the busier agency uses it (our older stuff) before it expires.

    We can't do this for everything, but for the more commonly used stuff it has worked out well. After all they are doing us a favor and saving us money so we don't want to hose them by swapping drugs that they won't use and then they have to pay to replace.

    Just an option...
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    Your getting hosed on the price of your epi-pens.
    Just got an adult @ $68.00 & a JR @ $56.00 from the hospital pharmacy to replace expired ones on our ambulance.
    CVS has similar prices + 10% retail.
    Our hospital Pharmacy used to swap out for us, but now we have to purchase at their cost.

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