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    Default iphone (or other mobile) apps for FF/EMT

    Finally drank the Kool Aid and have a smart phone. Actually inherited wife's old phone, as she needed a better one for work.

    So, other than Angry Birds, what apps do you use for firefighting/EMT work? I have downloaded a bunch, deleted most of them but am sticking with these;
    -CMC Rescue Guide (am a Tech Rescue guy)
    -Fire Engineering
    -WISER (HAZMAT stuff)
    -Human Anatomy (for help writing a patient narrative at 3am)
    -Epocrates (for ID of pills and figuring out what a patient has taken)

    Any others? Guess soon I'll have to actually start carrying the damn thing.
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    I use eCal. It's a shift calendar that you can customize to your own specific needs.

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    I work for an ambulance service that does alot of transfers sometimes to other states and I have iTriage which has a list of diff hospitals and can give you turn by turn directions. I also use Micromedex which has every type of drug and breaks it down into what class and generic names and effects and so forth, very informative.

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    Wildland Toolkit, 911 Tool kit, Wildfire pro, Field Extrication, Scanner, Talktalk, Best knots, Hazmat Evac, Hazref 2008, NOAA Radio, Hazmat Load, ERG, Moble REMM, ChemHazards, Chemical Safety Data Sheets, The Weather Channel, Wiser, Scheduler, IAFF Schedule, 5 Alarm (Really Good One to have) a exposure reporting app, Pill Identifier.

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