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Thread: NFPA Helmet Regulations

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    Lightbulb NFPA Helmet Regulations

    After doing a little research on the subject, under NFPA 1971 there is a section that states that when using goggles as eye protection, they do not have to be assembled or attached to the helmet. Or something fairly close to that. I am unable to open the PDF file or I would copy the exact excerpt. I have a Paul Conway American Heritage. Fully NFPA compliant, however I, as well as my department, think goggles look unsightly on traditional style helmets and we have adopted the NFPA standards. Am I able to remove the goggles and place them in my turnouts? If a new N6A Houston was ordered, would you be able to purchase a pair of wraparound, NFPA compliant goggles and place them in your turnouts as well? Thanks in advance.

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    Granted it has been a while since I have read the standard, the way I understood it read was "as long as approved auxiliary eyewear is immediately available" then you are in comliance with the standard. However nowhere does it give a definition of "immediately available"; therefore IMO it is open to reasonable interpretation. And in your pockets of your gear to me, is reasonable.

    I never understood why someone would want to take a $40-$50 set of goggles and strap them to your helmet, only to get all munged up with soot, dirt and smoke schmutz and/or melted.....???????
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    EXACTLY. After one decent fire, the goggles are ruined. Either way thank you for the reply. I'll try to look into it a little more.

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