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    Default Memphis Hiring...would you?

    Ok now I'm posting this with a grain of salt, but with all of the issues that I've heard Memphis has been happening lately I'm posing this question here, for another perspective than I have.

    Would you apply for Memphis? I'm considering this because I still have alot of friends in the area that would obviously support this move, but my family is still up here in Chicago. Would it be a smart move to apply for Memphis and try to get on the FD there, and chance that the city will improve it's fiscal and population problems or would the better bet be to continue to try and get on a FD near home or some other healthier city???

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    I'll give you my perspective.

    I moved for a fd job many years ago. Got on with a big city at a pretty young age. I thought I was golden. All my dreams had come true. I was fireman. As the novelty wore off....my desire to be back home near friends and family grew on a daily basis.

    You always hear about how great this job is. And that's the truth. Hands down, for me, the best job in the world. The thing is, at it's roots, this job is the same across the country. I was the happiest guy in the world while I was at work. But on my off days I wasn't enjoying myself.

    Long story short, I tested back home and got on pretty quick. Looking back, I am glad I made the move for the job because I feel pretty strongly that was one reason I was able to get picked up back home. Also, the department I left was awesome and I am forever appreciative for the chances they gave me.

    Bottom line is, do what makes you happy. Give it a shot. If it doesn't work out....Chicago will always be there.

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    There are over here. http://www.firehouse.com/forums/t125096/ (Memphis TN Fire Hiring 2012)

    You have to make you own mind up. Years back I would say yes indeed. Today knowing some of the problems there and it's not going to get better, I say try elsewhere.

    They have shut down truck companies, actually making Quint companies from engine and trucks and have reduce fire protection for the city and its citizens. The city it's self in getting poorer and ran down. The city administration is helping as they try to steer monies to other projects and not for safety.

    Look for MemphisE34a in these forums or send him a PM and he can help you as he works there.

    Memphis is like any other old large urban cites, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, the Mayors are cutting operating budgets and fire is one of the first they cut. They in reality are gambling with the lives of the firefighters as well as the citizens.
    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

    Always remembering 9-11-2001 and 343+ Brothers

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    Capt, you sure do provide so much input against MFD when I would venture to say you truly have no better understanding of the situation other than what you read on message boards or chase down on youtube or may hear from a ranting "friend" that is "close" to the situation. It really is insulting and the fact that you are spewing information deterring guys from applying to a premiere fire department is saddening.

    Instead of offering up your opinion on every question that comes down the forum, why not refrain every now and then and point people in the right direction (i.e. E34a, Montville, Irish...) instead of presenting your opinion as fact to those that are seeking legitimate answers.

    ORD, the fact of the matter is that MFD is still a great job. Still great people on the job. Still a ton of work that you actually do on the job. And still a Top-10 department by most accounts. Have there been cuts like every other city across the nation? Yes, of course. But, job-wise, it would be hard to beat. However, if you are asking about if you would enjoy being away from friends and family and what you know as comfort for an opportunity to come take a job like this, that is a personal answer none of us can answer for you. Just make sure you answer that question before applying/taking the job, because if you are not happy with yourself, you will not be happy in any job/position you take--no matter the locale.

    Also, as pointed out above, be careful about what opinionated advice you take from these message boards. Be wary of those that know absolutely nothing about the situation but like to comment on every post that comes out and portray themselves as authoritative and knowledgeable. It's easy to see who these people are if you browse enough threads.
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    Thanks for the answers guys, I did a search for Memphis before I created a personal thread and didn't find the topic that was posted up here before.

    TNFFP I believe that the only thing that really concerns me is not if I would enjoy myself out in Memphis, I know I will I still have about 10 to 15 friends in the area to help me with that. But the concerns were primarily out of what I heard that MFD was doing i.e. shutting down companies, etc., and I'm actually hoping to talk to a Lieutenant from MFD today through one of my friends down there. He actually comes into his business quite often and while I would prefer to leave him about his daily life, but there's a few questions that I had that I feel are better off being over the phone conversations. The only other concern I had was I heard that Illinois isn't too friendly on transfering over certifications from other states, even National Certifications, but this again is from what I've heard not what I've seen.

    Old Timer, from people I've talked to in Memphis the city is sitting pretty good right now, alot better than cities such as Detroit, they are not losing business. The city itself was meant to be smaller than was added with annexation and I heard they are trying to deannex parts of the city(which may be why some companies etc. were shut down), but this again is from people I trust who live in Memphis. I should hope that they have a better perspective on what's going on in their city than I do, but from my four trips a year, from at least a visitor's perspective I believe the city looks healthier than it did when I lived there almost decade ago.

    upallday, thank you for the advice, I think that's pretty much what I was leaning towards in my thinking but just needed someone else to flat out say it. This is something that I am persuing for myself and come hell or high water I'll get on somewhere, maybe not where I originally intended but somewhere. I've been trying/waiting for too long to realize my dream of this career in the Fire Service to give up now just because of a minor inconvenience of location.

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    Sorry but the lack of a Android app to view and edit posts on this forum is really frustrating sometimes, but I digress.

    Edit for above: it appears one or more of my friends may have had a bit more zeal than benefits for their information would be accurate in which case I apologize to Old Timer. I believe that its still worthwhile to apply and start the process but I think more research and talking to different people is necessary before any decisiin on my part. But it looks like no matter where you go at thias tine in we're living in some cities and towns have to make difficult choices and all of our lives may get harder. Sorry about the spelling errors but as I said this isn't the easiest reply to make while on a Android phone at this time.
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