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    Default Manchester New Hampshire 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb, who's going?

    Was just curious to see if anyone on these here forums intends to attend the stair climb in Manchester New Hampshire this year? I wanted to attend last year, but was so horribly out of shape I would have become a statistic on about the 20th floor on the first trip up. This year however, being 54 pounds lighter and regular runner, I think I can handle it. I tried to get some others from my Dept. to attend with me but nobody was interested.

    So how about you folks?

    And here's a link, in case none of you know about it.

    Opinions expressed by myself here are just that, mine. And not that of ANY organization or service I am affiliated with.

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    Just registered this morning. We got a small crew going from Sandown.

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