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    Talking New to firefighting. Ohio!

    Hi everyone, the name is Derek.
    I am new to this in every way.
    I am going to be training to be a 36 hour firefighter starting this weekend.
    I have signed a contract for a year with the dept for volunteering there.
    Biggest problem is my response time.
    I am the farthest out from the station by 6-14 mins depending on traffic and stoplights.
    If you guys have any tips, pointers, recommendations or anything I would appreciate it.
    Also if you know what would be good to equip on a 2001 dodge durango, where the best deals are to get the equipment as well.
    I work for min. wage and only make about $500 a month at the moment and anyway to find the best way to get it would be nice.
    Thank you for reading this!

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    what city you working for?

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