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    Default Forcible entry prop plans

    Does anybody have actual building plans for forcible entry props? I have lots of pictures but no plans. Any help would be great.

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    Easiest way is to find the type of door you want to train on. Once you figure out the door the use 2x4s to from it out. add extensions in the back to add weight to it and addheavy duty casters so it rolls in and out that way you can have them at each station. Make sure they are the heavy duty flip up casters so you dont damage the wheels. If your feeling creative or just want a better prop add sides with plyywood or plaster and you have most residential homes down I would definately check with your local hardware suppliers they usually will have damaged wood and doors they will help you out im sure. When I get a chance ILL get you some photos up of ours.

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    What kind of forcible entry props are you looking for? We have a few different one's. Where are you located in regards to Nebraska? If it would work out you are always welcome to swing by and check out what we have.
    We have a commercially made forcible entry door prop that we have modified to include some things that we have learned over time. I am not going to post the measurements on the web but if you happen to swing by and take pictures and measurements that may be a different deal. We also just built a couple to simulate window bars and how to defeat drop bar bolts but they aren't in the ground yet.
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