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    Default Interview Questions

    Hey has anybody got any advice for me with some interview stuff? I'm applying for a FF partimer position and my Lt. said that the questions were unlike any other set of interview questions, very out of the ordinary. I have little experience when it comes to interviews and was wondering if anyone has had any strange interview questions that I could prepare myself with?
    Thank you.

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    Here are 20 Entry-Level Interview Questions.
    I have dozens more posted on my website. Best of luck on your interview.

    1. Tell us about yourself?

    2. Why do you want to become a firefighter?

    3. What have you done to prepare yourself to become a firefighter?

    4. Why do you want to work for this fire department?

    5. What are your greatest strengths and your greatest weaknesses?

    6. Give five adjectives that best describe you.

    7. If hired as a firefighter, what would be your greatest challenge?

    8. Give an example when you were assigned a group project and you emerged as the leader.

    9. Give an example when you felt you should be the leader and someone else was chosen. How did you handle the situation?

    10. Describe your supervisory experience.

    11. Describe a situation when you felt like giving up. What did you do?

    12. Describe a time when you had a conflict with a coworker. How did you resolve it?

    13. Define honesty and integrity. Give examples of how they relate to the Fire Service.

    14. You are a rookie firefighter assigned to a station. You are assigned all of the less than desirable duties. What would you do and why?

    15. You are conducting overhaul to make sure the fire is out at a fire in a large house. You observe your senior firefighter place a shiny object in his pocket. What would you do and why?

    16. How do you feel about working with women and minorities?

    17. You have just completed your firefighter probation. Your Captain informs you that you have been selected to become a fire prevention officer. It is a three year commitment. What would you do and why?

    18. Give two negative examples of being a firefighter.

    19. You are given a directive by your Captain that you feel would be unsafe. What would you do and why?

    20. There are a lot of people competing for this position. Why should we select you?
    Paul Lepore
    Division Chief
    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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    Why do you want to become a firefighter?
    This is the more important question that you needs to answered critically.
    Secondly your interviewer may ask you about unique skills and some extraordinary abilities that could approve yourself a very good FF.

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    Like spelling, grammar and proper word choice perhaps?
    Just busting chops. But seriously, do you read what you wrote before posting?
    As a firefighter you will be required to write intelligent, legible reports that are admissable in court.

    OP: Check out BC Lepore's website and books. Along with Capt Bob's.
    Both excellent sources and even though they have books and services for sale (which I highly recommend), you aren't requred to.

    The fire service interview is a different beast. But as both of the experts I mentioned above will point out, the questions asked usually can be broken down into one of these core questions listed above. Knowing how to answer each one will make you prepared for any variant. There aren't really many stumpers out there.

    Good luck!

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