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    Default Question about past awards getting new awards

    I am sorry but I have looked through the threads and could not find this answer.

    Is the number of past awards have anything to do with new awards being given?

    We have done pretty well in the past because we have had a lot of stuff that we either did not have or was 30 years old like an original set of Hurst Jaws (now a show piece in a display).

    We really have one thing left that desperately needs replaced, an old conversion milk tanker. Every week we have to do something to it to keeo it running and on the road. We had to replace every single valve in the thing last year and now it looks like we may need to get piping which will be more expensive than the valves. It hurts having to put way more into it than it is worth but we need it because we have no hydrants.

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    I don't believe the number of previous awards received has any bearing on a potential new award. They ask about previous awards to make sure you aren't asking for something you've previously bought on a grant, but as long as it is a new area or item requested, you should be fine. You can't get a new tanker (tender) if you don't ask so what the heck, go for it!

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    The past number of awards has no bearing on your chances for a future award. I have clients in here that have won 9-10 time since AFG has been running, some of them have 6-7 awards in a row. Each years application is scored based upon need and merit. If the need is there, the proper justificvation is given than you are awarded. Simple as that!
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