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Thread: "Brass Balls Award" ruled offensive...Are you kidding me??

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    Default "Brass Balls Award" ruled offensive...Are you kidding me??

    Used to be that firefighters were a 'thick-skinned' lot, and we could joke around with one another, but I guess in the day and age of "everyone gets a tropy" you're not allowed to poke fun!

    Give me a break!!
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    So is it really a big deal to name the "award" something else? Amazing the things that set people off...
    "This thread is being closed as it is off-topic and not related to the fire industry." - Isn't that what the Off Duty forum was for?

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    Malahat Fire Dept has(d?) the Boner Award. It was a small base plate, with a 1-1/2 female fitting. Attached to the fitting was a hand carved....... boner. About 6 inches long. Whenever we had non-affiliated guests, we'd just put it away out of sight.

    The award was presented at the Chief's BBQ each summer, for doing something "SMRT". Or NOT as the case usually was.

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    Well, you know, balls are testicles, and testicles are sexual anatomy, and some people are offended by sexual dialogue, so I'm not at all surprised that the term supersedes being thick-skinned and joking around.

    It's 2012, folks, and some folks won't listen to that type of language.
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    Not only is it inappropriate in today's society (workplace or otherwise) it can also get REALLY expensive when someone who is offended decides to file a lawsuit...The days of "Give me a break" are GONE!!!

    Change with the times, or pay for it..
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