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    Default How to honor the fallen brothers? Not through words but actions.

    I was driving down the road this morning as the clock approached 7:48 (8:48 eastern) which marked 11 years to the minute that the first plane struck the twin towers.

    I pulled into a parking lot at the school at 7:47 and stepped out of the vehicle and took a moment to reflect on the meaning of this day and what I could do to honor the lives of those lost on that day and since as a result of the attacks of 9/11. I came up with this.

    I will remember those lost, emergency services, military and civilian.

    I will honor those who rushed in while others rushed out by becoming the best I can be.

    I will train to keep my mind sharp and develop my skills and excercise to keep my body physically strong so that when the call comes I am the most capable I can be to render aid to the members of my community.

    I will always be willing to listen to those who have gone before me, to learn from them and to follow their examples.

    I will always be willing to share my knowledge with others.

    I will take calculated risks, when necessary I will place my own life at risk to protect the life of another.

    I will not take needless risks, to endanger my life foolishly is to dishonor those who have fallen in the line of duty and endangers the lives of other FireFighters around me.

    I will continue to live my life to the fullest, As a FireFighter, as a Father, as a Husband and a family member I will take every opportunity to revel in the joys of my family, I will never miss the opportunity to show kindness or compassion in life.

    Through these principles I hope that I can live up to the legacy of those who perished on 9/11/2001 and all of those who have fallen in the line of duty. I will struggle to continue to learn and grow, as a FireFighter and as a husband and father. I will face the dangers I am confronted with and meet their challenge head on. I will never give up, I will never quit and I will never forget.

    RIP to all of the brothers and sisters who have fallen in the line of duty, on 9/11/2001 and before and after. You are not forgotten.

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