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Thread: 2012 AFG Available Funds for Awards

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    Default 2012 AFG Available Funds for Awards

    As 1199A's start to post, awards will not be far behind. This is the breakdown of how much (or little) is available for awards.

    Appropriation: $285,625,000

    -Administrative: $14,281,250

    -FP&S: $35,000,000

    Total Funds Available: $236,343,750

    Operations: $177,257,812

    Vehicles: $59,085,938
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    Thank s OneBugle!

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    I wonder how many people/resources are allotted for this program? I haven't worked in governemnt before but have been in industry for quite sometime. ~$14.3 mill seems pretty up there. I know payroll, system resources, clerical activities, and etc.. are expensive but wow.

    I am not complainig at all because it is grants and everyone involved should be compensated for working hard to get these out.

    I just hope most of those funds are going to the workers not to the abyss of who knows where.

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    That's just the 5% maximum mark that can be spent on Admin costs. I don't think they've ever run more than 3% based on the follow-up reports they've released. A few years back it was put out that AFG was the most cost-effective grant program out there because it was the only that cost less than estimated/allocated to run. Still continues to be as far as any audits have shown.

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    I agree, the folks associated with administering the AFG program make a huge effort to insure the money goes to where it is needed, the streets. Typical Wash DC politics and AFG are "polar opposites" in terms of fiscal judgment, management, and credibility. They earn a "decent wage" to do so, not a "grotesquely immoral" one.

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