At 0225 Units were dispatched for a working structure fire. Cheif 93 Alpha arrived on scene to report a Fully Involved Structure Fire, Requesting a 3ed alarm for exposure issues. At the time Cheif 93 reported another incident across town of a Fully involved car fire near a home. Crews from Luzurne County, PA were sent to the Care fire, and Crews from Old Forge, Taylor, Moosic, Duryea, Hugestown, Avoca, and more started at the Structure Fire.
From the start the 93 engine started the attack with the deck gun, and began placing ground monitors around the outside of the Structure. 3 ground monitors were pulled off the 93-3 engine. Ladder 93 and Ladder 963 began Master stream operations. After 2 hours of master stream operations the bulk of the fire was extuinguished, The house had partially collapsed, and we now had a collapse risk of the chimney on the far side of the house. The area was cleared, checked and cleared again, and the Master Streams were orderd to take care of the Chimney. Shortly afterwards all master stream operations were shut down, the ground monitors were cleaned up, and Command 93 began releasing 2nd alarm companies. The 93 Ladder's master stream was put back in operation for a short while, then was shut down and Ladder 93 was released by command after the crew then cut apart a few walls checking for extension and hidden fire in the exterior walls.

The 93 and 933 Engine were left on scene for hours making sure the fire was out.

Now I'd love to give you a more detailed explination of what went on on scene, but really thats it. I know we had one firefighter get sent to EMS for weakness, and was shortly cleared afterwards. I know I stood at the tip of the 93 Ladder for about 2 hours on that master stream.

Picture upon arrival of EMS. And after around 2 hours of Master Stream Operations.
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