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    All -

    My name is Jeff Matthews, author of Technical Rescuer: Rope 1 and 2. We are gearing up for the 2nd edition and I was hoping to get some feedback from end users and instructors for update ideas. We are already planning a new Chapter on Helo's (to address some core JPR's), a chapter on advanced artificial anchors (Arachnipod, Vortex...) and a better patient packaging section. As with all first editions, there is some artwork to cleanup and typos.

    We have also been debating on adding another section that would include some releasable anchors and additional hitches and knots used in canyoneering..etc. Good idea or bad?

    Please remember the purpose of the book is for new student training to the 1006 standard.

    I don't get on the forum that often so please send any suggestions to Jeff.trc@gmail.com.

    Thanks in advance.

    Jeff Matthews

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    Wow, your the guy? I just got your book, I love that book, have not finished it yet but have found it very well written and informative. Let us know when the new edition is out.
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