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    Question Fireground Communications Standards

    I'm doing a little groundwork for some future research and need to collect some data from others... I know how I'd answer but I'd like to sample the experiences of others from different parts of the country.

    Where did you learn what to say on the radio and how to say it?

    Are you aware of a recognized reference or standard that addresses this subject?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    We use the page channel in route to the fire then after declaring arrivial on page channel which over to V-Tac channels. Tac one for fire operations Tac 2 for Rescue Tac 4 for tanker shuttle. IC monitors all channels and is the only on that talks to other fire departments and dispatch

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    Some through formal training in things like ICS and NIMS, some through classes doing size-up training, some inhouse with specific messages in a specific sequence.

    I teach, in fire communications classes to be BRIEF, CLEAR and CONCISE. Say it in as few words as possible, in a tone and speed easy to understand, and be specific about what you want to say without a bunch of unnecessary detail.

    Engine 141 on location at 123 Main, 2 story wood frame home with fire visible on the 2nd floor AB corner, Engine 141 is command, initiating interior fire attack.
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    1. First just listening to others talk, now sop

    2. Sop

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    Quote Originally Posted by fire49 View Post
    1. First just listening to others talk, now sop

    2. Sop
    Pretty sure this is how our people learn as well. Our Communications SOP is only about 6-7 years old, but is pretty detailed, beforer that you just talked like you had heard.

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