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Thread: 2012 AFG Awards

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    Supposedly there were software issues (surprise) all last month and at the rate they were (not) being fixed that was probably the outlook at that point. It's nothing to do with the people working in Fire Programs, knowing a lot of people in other branches of the government it's not a unique issue since most IT and software development has to be contracted out. Personally I wouldn't get so frustrated with that side of the process except for the fact I used to do that for a living, the last 5 years with a multi-billion dollar multi-national company doing enterprise solutions development/support. Not quite the size of our government but big enough to know it can be done if properly designed if given the time. I almost got fired over taking 2 weeks longer to upgrade one legacy program and got hammered for it from all sides until it was deployed and spent 6 months with no calls to HelpCenter about it other than the 1 where the guy had no internet connection at his office so of course it wouldn't work. After it had spent years in the top 5 for calls to HelpCenter. Like we say in the Army, slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Same principle could be done here but too much red tape all around and humans aren't generally in favor of making changes even for the better. Details.

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    A good day for one of the departments I worked on; awarded 2 TIC's today.

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