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    Default Need help with physical fitness

    Howdy. So, I started working out to get in shape to become a firefighter. However, I'm looking online for the physical requirements and I can't find any. Yes, I've found things that give the physical exam samples (Victim rescue, forced entry, crawl, etc). But I'm currently jogging a couple of miles and working on push ups, pull ups, and sit ups, and I'm wondering what should be the goal I should be striving for? From reading various sources online, I've gathered the physical tests are being able to accomplish certain tasks. So I guess I'm wondering how many push ups/sit ups/pull ups and how fast I can run a couple miles will help me accomplish the physical test. Just so I have a goal to strive for in trying to get in shape.
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    Departments give different tests

    You might visit different departments in your area to see what they d
    Then train using a composite of the tests

    Some do ladder climb , hose pull, ladder raise, maze etc

    Check the cpat Test




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    Strive to be in more then enough shape to take the CPAT or a similar test. I passed the CPAT (not easily, but I did) when I was in pretty crappy shape fitness-wise. You want to be leaps and bounds above that.

    Whatever you do, though, work your legs. It's the most important part of most physical tests, and honestly probably the most important set of muscles for firefighting. I'd recommend some form of circuit training for your exercises, unless you feel you need to bulk up first.

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    Yea i agree with rescue_1. Legs are key and so are circuit training routines. A lot of fire departments in my area are now really big into crossfit, hence circuit training. What I do now, is 40 minutes of cardio every day to warm-up then I swap every other day with a crossfit routine one day and heavy lifting for large muscle groups the next (ie. chest one day, legs, shoulders/back). Whatever you do, don't set a goal of what you want to reach and be happy with just that. Try and do better every week and don't ever settle for a certain amount of reps or time. Just try and always do more and do it faster. Hope that helps.

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    Yup. Legs & Cardio! Don't forget your core too. Don't be the guy with 22" biceps that runs out of gas 2 minutes in.

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    I gained more strength and endurance doing Crossfit than I ever did running or lifting weights. It's not for everybody but I found myself going longer on fires and recovering faster than I ever did.

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