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    Default Trainer's Tip: Air Chisel Training

    When conducting hands-on training related to vehicle rescue, I find that participants may be reluctant to use the department's air chisel tool. This is probably due to lack of training on it or maybe it's their inability to understand how effective this rescue tool can be in the hands of a trained rescuer. It seems that an entire drill might go by and the air chisel never gets taken out of the box. That's not right!

    I have a fix for this. In the University of Extrication hands-on training sessions that I conduct, I require each participant to use the air chisel at some time during the training. I tell them to take the tool and the air chisel bit of their choice to complete a simple assignment. "Cut your initials in a sheet metal panel on the car" The hood, fenders, trunk, or even the roof (once it is cut off the car) work well.

    This little challenge assures you as a trainer that everyone got some hands-on time with the department's air chisel and also that they actually had to think about their task and then were able to complete it.

    If one of your members is named 'Ivan Idaho', have him cut YOUR initials in the metal! I I would be too easy.
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