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    Default Balancing sleep with the other stuff we do

    We all know that working 24 hours straight without any rest significantly increases our risk for an accident or judgement error, so with the 48 hour shift now in favor it has become even more critical for the company officer to modify the routine to ensure his/her personnel are properly rested.

    Add an over zellas chief who believes his personnel should be working from 0800 to 2200 everyday and you have a disaster brewing on the horizon. HELP


    1. What are other department's doing to address this issue?

    2. Are there any laws or protections against excessive working hours for personnel who's mission is to be ready and respond to unplanned events over long continuous hours?

    3. Anyone have a written policy addressing this topic?

    Thank you in advance


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    This is a great question and it gets right to the root of many of the issues we are currently facing and that is our own culture. We never want to be seen as weak or lazy but the reality is that the chronic stress and lack of sleep is killing us. In my department we are struggling to balance work rest cycles as well as the overall wellness of our force. In my estimation the only way we will effect real change is by showing the increased workman's comp cost associated with sleep debt, i.e., cvd, T2 diabetes, higher injury rates, and generating policy and, perhaps more importantly, a culture that supports sleep. A lot can be done by the individual to manage their risks as well. It starts with an understanding that your job puts you at higher risk for every disease that the average westerner is subject to and that YOU need to take action. Eat a healthy diet, get some purposeful exercise, spend time outdoors, practice some sort of stress management, etc.

    Long story short, it starts with the individual making an effort to control their risk factors. It ends with dangling the carrot of long term cost savings in front of the administration. The studies and risk analysis have been done, google around for WEFIT and OCFA wellness.

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