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    How are other departments that work 48 hour shifts ensuring that their personnel are properly rested over the duration of the 48 hours?

    Does the company officer have full atonomy to modify the daily routine in order to rest personnel?

    Are there any departments with policies on length of the workday? or one that clearly separates the workday from the non-sleep down time and the sleep time?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated


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    Day one is like any other day, but on day two we have the option to modify our routine. Generally up and out of bed by eight if you have gotten four to five hours of sleep, later if it was a really bad night. Our chief encourages us to take a "safety" nap in the afternoon if need be. We have been really good at self policing and it hasn't really been an issue. We also get fifteen Kelly days, so it's been pretty easy to feel like you have a break coming. Baring being able to go to a four platoon we will never go back to any other schedule.


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