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    Default Jammed "Vertical Door" Procedures

    While I was thinking about Gull Wing door forcible entry, I also thought about what are called 'vertical doors'. These are found on exotics such as Lamborghini vehicles plus can be ordered after-market for a wide variety of vehicles.

    Lamborghini vertical doors have normal safety latches and safety pins on the B-pillar but their front hinges are different. If confronted with a jammed vertical door, I'm going to force the door at the latch end by the B-pillar, and then use a spreader to pry it upward. Vertical doors do not secure to the bottom; just the latch at the B-pillar end. With the big metal hinge exposed, I might consider sawing through it if my cutter won't make it. It might be a cast metal hinge due to the size and length of the door that it must support when open.

    Let me know if you have any other ideas or if you have a junk Lamborghini lying around that we can cut apart.

    The image below shows an after-market installation of a vertical door on a Mustang. You can see that the safety latch on the B-pillar is standard. The other part of the latch assembly is on the back end of the vertical door. What is really different is the door hinge assembly.
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