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I have exeuted tactics with less than perfect conditions and resources in the past, however, as I get older, I have come to realize that it's simply not worth it. The safety of my personnel come before both the safety of the public and thier property.
Only reinforcing the statement I made about you on the previous post. You need to hang up your faux fireman costume and go do the phony baloney job in Pub Ed. You can dazzle the clueless around the water cooler starting off each story with, "there I was..."

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Fires are hotter. Buildings are less stable. And in most places, volunteer and career, manpower has been reduced. The only way to keep our members safe is to be less aggressive and accept that we will not be able to do what we have done in the past.
And it's dark and scary when the streetlights go out at night.

Run along Bobby. You set low expectations for yourself and failed to achieve them.