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    Default Wanted: Testers for Android Pump Operator Application

    I'm developing an Android application designed aimed at providing calculations on complex line layouts. A summary of the application is below. I'm looking for people with pump operator experience who can give positive feedback on a beta version of the software that will be released in the Google Play store. If you are interested, please contact me via e-mail with:

    1. your name
    2. description of your Android device
    3. your qualifications or experience with pump operation/calculations.

    We are looking to start testing within the next week. We will provide a free copy of the software once it is deployed to the Google Play store. We are looking to test on a variety of devices, but only have a limited number of slots available for testing. Thank you.

    Application Summary:
    ------------------------------ Application Summary
    The application is designed to aid firefighters with pump
    operations/calculations. Features we are trying to support with this

    1. Fully-configurable hose/nozzle/appliance layout that is specific to
    1 or more engines.
    2. Advanced PDP calculations that includes hose/appliance friction
    loss (equation currently used: C * Q^2 * L). Coefficient of friction
    is configurable.
    3. Works with both SAE and Metric units (configured in preferences).
    4. Supports an automatic calculation of smooth-bore flow rates (SAE and Metric).
    5. Allows users to configure multiple discharging appliances (to
    include 2-way gated wye or an appliance with any number of discharges
    - 6-way monitor).
    6. Allows users to configure line layouts and then enable discharging
    per line (or per appliance discharge).
    7. Calculates estimated time to empty given your engine tank size and
    the current flow rate of discharging lines.
    8. Allows users to configure sources that reduce the calculated PDP
    for the engine.
    9. Users can configure their device to mirror their real-life engine
    configurations and then share these by exporting them via e-mail to
    other users with the application.
    10. Users can alter the order of attachments within a line easily and quickly.
    11. Lines can be shared between engines. Users can configure multiple
    engines in one database (since most departments have more than one

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    Bump + adding a few more screenshots. These are the screens where you can choose an existing attachment (hose, nozzle, appliance) or create your own and save it to the database.

    Name:  appliances.jpg
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    Name:  hoses.jpg
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    Default may I

    I would love to try out this software for you.. but I need an email address...

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    I sent a friend request. I assume we can PM after you accept. BTW, the application is in the play store now under the name Firedog.
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    Good Evening,

    Mind if I ask what your development environment looks like ==

    I like the screen shots..


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    Quote Originally Posted by firebuff880 View Post
    Good Evening,

    Mind if I ask what your development environment looks like ==

    I like the screen shots..

    I'm not quite sure what you mean, but since this is an android application it's developed using Java in Eclipse. If you want to see it in action you can use Amazon's app store to test it out here. The app should scale better for a real device (the line layout list is so narrow it won't show the line names). If that link doesn't work, search for "Firedog" in the "Apps for Android" section.

    If I didn't answer your questions let me know. I'm working on getting a youtube video posted as an introduction to how to use the app. When I get that done I'll post a followup here.

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