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    Default DCFD Photo "Gate"

    Apparently, a mustache drawn on the DCFD Fire Chief's photo has brought forth the IAD "heat":


    Maybe turning the photo upside down was the straw that broke the camel's back?

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    Chief don't get along with the boys too well? Or is this investigation initiated by another person?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CdnFD24 View Post
    Chief don't get along with the boys too well?
    This doesn't BEGIN to describe the relationship between the chief and the jakes in the firehouse. It's terrible in the nation's capital these days.
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    It goes way past what that story said. Unfortunately there are rats throughout the department and report directly back to the chief. With the chief involuntarily transferring officers everywhere, he has his spies in all of the top fire houses. Morale is low and tradition is becoming extinct.

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