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    Default What do I need to work in Texas and Colorado?

    Hey I am interested in working in Colorado and Texas and was wondering what i need to get to be able to live there coming from California? I have my national EMT still and was told there are other health and safety certs (Texas wanted a Texas Commission on Fire Protection Certification and your Texas Department of State Health Services) that i need before my application can be taken seriously as a candidate. Yet nobody has been able to tell me how to get those things. Does anyone know how I can get those being in California or what those certs even are?

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    Several ways to get TX certified


    This is a fast way to do it, some online work than two week stay on campus

    You can call them and ask about the medical cert

    Or some cities will hire you and put you through their academy Fort Worth Austin San Antonio Dallas

    Check this dirt site weekly for postings and what different cities want


    You can also call tdhs and ask about med cert


    At most you would need Tx ff cert and emt, unless all the city requires is a high school diploma

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    Thank you I will check it out

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