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    Default I need some advice. What are my options, what should I focus on?

    I'm looking for some advice or suggestions please about my situation and I'll try to keep this as concise as possible. I joined the national guard right out of HS as a Firefighter and went to the DOD FA at Goodfellow. Shortly after I graduated, my unit got hit with a new mission. Long story short they cut the funding to our FD. I got out not wanting to be anything other than a FF. So now I'm a couple of years removed from my time in the military and as a FF and to be honest I miss it. I've had a realization that I'm passionate about being in a position to serve and help others and i want that to be my work. I'm willing to do whatever is needed to make that happen and I have nothing holding me back so I am open to relocation anywhere as needed. I'm also interested in any type of work ARFF, city dept., federal dept., wildland etc. My questions are as follows.

    1. Am I eligible for any type of FF job with the certs I currently have? This is what I have from my limited time in, FF I & II, ARFF, D/O-Pumper, Hazmat AW, OPS & Tech, and first responder/cpr.

    2. If I'm not qualified what should be my focus right now so that I am as soon as possible? I can assume from reading other threads that I need to get EMT-B done but other than that I'm not too sure what else or how to go about getting it.

    3. I've contemplated the thought of reenlisting in another guard or reserve unit to help me get more experience and certs but I don't know if that would be a sound decision or not overall? My focus is more so on landing a Federal GS or contractor FF job but the prospect of being able to deploy, go TDY for training and help my community when natural disasters strike for example is very appealing to me.

    Sorry if this was long but I wanted to include all of my thoughts. I appreciate all advice/input. Thank you.
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    What state are you in??

    Would suggest seeing what is required to just apply on cities/ state you are in

    If there is a state ff cert call the state and send them all your training to see if they will accept it

    What year did you get your dod cert??

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    Fire49, I'm currently in MO but like I said in my other post I'm willing to travel or relocate anywhere if necessary. I don't know if this is the case at all as I'm entirely speculating, but what I mean is if my current certs would allow me to land a job in a state or city that has less requirements I wouldn't mind relocating there. Is there a website that has that information or is it all so varied that I would have to go state by state, city by city individually and see what they each require? All of my dod certs are from 2006-2008. Thanks for your help.

    Just a quick addendum to this. I've spent the last hour or so going through the websites of depts. in my community and state. This is what I've found. It seems that the suburban FD's mostly require EMT-P before you can apply and make you go through their county academy regardless of prior certs. Then it seems that the large urban cities don't require much other than maybe EMT-B but only have a hiring process every few years, only take the top scorers and then put them through their own academy. That's basically what I've discovered about this state. I also read on one city website where 75% of their calls are medical. I'm wondering if most city/suburban depts. are like this? If so I think I would be better suited as a federal FF working on a dod installation, airport or even in the field as a wildland FF. I'm also interested in contractor work. I don't mind traveling or being away for extended periods cause I have nothing holding me back. I really don't have much desire to become a paramedic and to be honest the medical side is not what interests me about the job.
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    EMT-B should be your priority. Hit USAJOBS and look for federal fire jobs. MO is an IFSAC state, so your certs are good if you stay there.

    EMS is easily 70-90% of the job now. There are very few career FDs that don't respond to life threatening medical emergencies, and most of those are cities that are too busy with fires. And those type of cities are in such poor financial condition that they are not hiring (eg Detroit). Most DoD civilians have to be EMTs, and even many ARFF depts run ambulances on the airport. If you don't like EMS you might as well find another line of work.

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