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    Default Akron Adapt-a-pole?

    Has anyone used this system? Is it worth it? How does it hold up? My dept is currently looking at tools to outfit our new pumper, I saw this system looks like a good idea just trying to see what people that have used them have to say about them.


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    Rather than sharing 1 shaft for multiple ends...I'd rather have the separate tools available.
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    Several years ago my department purchased the Nupla tools for the engines. They were a huge headache, poorly designed, and hard to change out with gloves on. Trying to get the male end into the female end was difficult at best on a dirty fire scene. If the female end was damaged at all, forget about it. That was only if the locking clip wasn't rotated and jammed down the pipe.

    It didn't take long before separate tools were back on the engines.

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    maybe for the brooms and squeegees can you get away with changing the shaft between them. But for things like shovels and pike poles, just buy them. No point in introducing new failure points to tools that are going to take abuse.

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