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Thread: TV/Day Room

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    Question TV/Day Room

    Just wondering if anyone else has this. We have a day room with a tv and some recliners/couch in it. For the first year, no probie is allowed in it. Sometimes the senior guys will let the probies in but most of the time no. We do have other TVs in the station so it's not a big deal but some of the senior guys think its a dumb rule. Thoughts?

    And just as a side note...I'm perfectly fine with it. Gotta earn things.

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    Eh, I know each department has its own rules (official or unofficial), but I'd rather build a bond and rapport with the new guy and allow him in the day room. Naturally, this would be assuming that he's progressing well with his training and doing his assigned tasks, but making him sit elsewhere while the rest of the shift enjoys their time together seems to be a bit much.
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    I just finished up my probationary period, and there were very few times I was allowed into the day room. Besides training exercises we did using the tv, I watched tv maybe 3-4 times in the 10 months I was on probation. And those were nights after I had a test that day, so my crew rewarded with me by allowing me to watch tv that night.

    As per my rules that my crew gave me when I came into the field, I was allowed to watch TV after 10pm, but I never did. During the day I would study and train constantly, so by the time 10pm hit, I would do last watch around the station and go to bed. I didn't have enough energy to stay up and watch tv.

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    We don't allow rooks to sit in the recliners or watch tv until their end of probation test. If they are not on a run they need to be studying for that or doing other training. Its one of those things that has to be earned. We don't always enforce it though if there is a big game on or something of that nature. Even then though, they aren't allowed in the recliners. They have to sit in an office chair or at the table. It may sound like a bad thing but nobody has ever died from it!

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    If I got hired with a department that allowed new guys to sit in the chairs, even encouraged it, I would not be caught dead in a chair until I was off probation. Those chairs are not for people on probation.

    The reason is that there is no way to look like you are on your game with your leg over the armrest. The perception of the others there could be that you are lazy and don’t take the job seriously. While that may not be true or fair, it is the way it is.

    If one guy, on a trade or OT is in the station, sees you sitting when they think you shouldn’t, they will tell people. Suddenly you are that lazy new guy at station 2, everybody has heard about it and you have a bad rap. It may have been the only time you visited the chair, but it doesn’t matter. Being a new guy is hard enough without dealing with rumors of your slothfulness.

    The new people where I work started the practice themselves about 10 years ago. I was working at a slow station and a good movie was coming on. An engineer on O.T. was trying to get a new guy to take a break and watch the movie with us. He tried and tried. Finally Eric told him there was no way and to give up. The reply from the engineer was, “Well at least you not like that Mary you got hired with, she is in those chairs all of the time”. I asked him, “Bill how many times have you worked with Mary?”, “Just the one time” he says. That is why Eric wouldn’t sit in the chairs. It just takes one time and one guy to make your life harder and I am sure it is already hard enough.
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