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    Default Deferred Entry of Judgemnt Program

    OK! So this is my first time going through the Hiring process. Ive made it through the Written, physical and oral interview. Got called back and did the Background Investigation. On my background investigation it said If I was part of the Deferred Entry of Judgment program I don't have to disclose any information...so I didn't. Week later got a call said It was approved now I have to go for Additional testing they said they cant disclose information until I get there... only thing I know is I'm doing the psych eval because I got a packet to fill out. ANYWAYS since I been through the DEJ program when I was 14years old do I still disclose my record when I'm asked questions like if I have committed a crime? Ever been arrested? And Im guessing I will be doing a lie detector test because other FFs had to do it. I don't want to fail my psych eval or lie detector test for not answering these questions truthfully. I know someones probably going to ask what I did. When I was 14 years old I punched another kid got arrested for assault, went through the DEJ program and cleared it. I know its clear of my background because when I joined the military it didn't show up on my background check. If anyone can help me out maybe you went through this hiring process and had a DEJ please let me know what I should do.

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    well guess you can look at it two ways

    if it is in writing that you do not have to disclose than you do not have to disclose

    I am surprised they do that, unless it is very minor crimes that is allowed to use the dej program

    not a poly guy but if a poly guy asks if you have ever been arrested and you say "no" useing the dej, than you might show up deceptive ???? or the poly person may ask if you have been in dej prior to the poly

    you might check


    if you are anywhere near the jurisdiction it happened in, go by the police and court and do an open records request on yourself, to see if anything turns up!!!!!!!!!!!

    good luck
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    First off read the questions and answer appropriately. If you were told not to include a certain type of thing then don’t. You want to appear to be a person who can follow simple directions. You would be surprised at the number of people that fail to read and answer the questions correctly on applications and in background packets.

    Something that happened when you were 14 is not any kind of a big deal. The fact the you were put into a program to divert it from your record shows that even the court didn’t see it as a big deal. But a big deal would come if you keep it out and it is found. Could it be found in background, maybe, maybe not. But there is no benefit from hiding it and there could be a huge drawback from not disclosing it. Even if it hadn’t be removed from you record and you listed it at every stage of the hiring process no one would see it as a problem.

    Back 30 years ago what you did was called "boys being boys" and it never would have been in a court. My advise is to just not worry about it, and if asked about anything in your past, in your background, be happy to share it, list it as one of those growing moments we have all had.
    Good Luck, Capt Rob

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