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    Default 2012 AFG DJ's

    Hello all, I turned in a grant for haz/mat training this past July. I know the 1199 have been showing up for about a month know. I check mine regularly and haven't received anything yet. I also have not received a Dj letter. If they are to come (the Dj ) when would that be? I realize we have long to go and I do believe I wrote an excellent/worthy grant I am just curious. Anyone?

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    Default A long wait, if you are lucky

    I never received a DJ until the very end when they ran out of money. Like, round 24 or so. We've had round 2 so far so if you are lucky you won't see one for awhile.. No news is good news, for now....

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    Denials won't be out until maybe December or so with those that didn't make it to Peer unless they decide to lump them all together again like they have the past 2 years. Otherwise if they go back to "normal" then it's computer denials first, then 2-3 rounds of Peer denials with those getting them later being the ones that scored higher.

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    If your department is considered rural, you'll be receiving your DJ for Hazmat training sooner rather than later.

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    DJs are still many weeks away. Paper apps still need to be scored and those that are competitive need to be peer reviewed (along with the other apps that didn't get peer reviewed due to time constraints).

    In fact, i don't anticipate any additional 1199as until end of October to mid-november - putting the next round of awards in Mid-november to beginning of December.

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