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Thread: What is the best firefighter job search engine?

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    Default What is the best firefighter job search engine?

    Hey guys I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions to a great firefighter job search engine such as firecareers, firerecruit, 911hot jobs, etc. Are they all pretty much the same or are there some that are quicker to pick up new job openings than others?

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    What state/ states do you want to work in???

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    Try firecareers.com or firerecruit. They both keep an up-to-date database of current job offerings in the fire service. They both cost money, but if you are willing to pay a small fee, its a really easy one-stop way to find lots of jobs nation wide. I still have an account and go to it regularly to find out if there's anything I'm interested in. Governmentjobs.com is also a good one as quite a few departments use that system for their hiring processes.

    There are a few more out there, but off the top of my head, those three should keep you busy for a while.


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    just use indeed.com. I have had best of luck with this site and is often posted prior to firecareers.com and 911hotjobs.com.

    Just search "firefighter" for your state.

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    I use firerecruit.com and it works great. It does cost money, but it's got jobs from all over the country, updated daily.

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    I also use firerecruit.com and it is great. It does cost a little money, but it isn't too much. A lot of jobs they post on there; you would never find else where..Indeed works alrite, but it probably doesn't have half of what firerecruit does. I haven't never used any of the other sites mentioned, so can't speak for them.

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    Come on folks! You don't want to miss any opportunities. This is an investment in a career. You could subscribe to all these job notification companies a month for the price you would spend taking your friend to beer and pizza. Get real.
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