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    Searched through some posts and can not find some answers.
    We run with Holomatro rescue tools and are looking to do some upgrades as our current primary sets are eight years old. The debate is on as whether we go with Holomatro Core products or switch over to the cordless Edraulic product.

    I have not had much faith in battery products since we have had issues with battery degradation over the years on things like thermal cameras and reciprocating saws. It may be due to the fact they are not used and recharged continually but we do not have the usage time as when they were new. I realize that these cordless tools have adapters now to switch over to 110V but I don't want to be doing that on my first cuts in four years time.

    Has technology advanced beyond my past experiences?

    Has anyone out there had tried and liked or disliked the EDraulic lines?

    What did battery life seem like to you?

    As always thank you in advance for your replies!

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    I had the opportunity to use the Edraulic tools during a class year before last. They are awesome. Every bit of available power that the regular tools have, without the lines to worry about. We did full side blowouts (2) roof flap, dash roll and then cut the car in half on one battery.

    I would seriously consider them for your next set of tools.
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