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    Question Help Please

    Hi guys,
    My name is Ben, I am 25 yrs old, I live in Newcastle NSW Australia and I have been a Retained/Auxillary Firefighter for almost 6 and a half years now, previous to that, was part of the Rural Fire Service dealing mostly with bushland fire as a volunteer. I am finding it extremely difficult to obtain myself a full time position as it has been my ultimate career/life goal since I was a little boy. I have tried many services including my own and interstate 5 separate times, each time rejected due to the large amount of applicants. I have had a mountain of experience over the past 10 years with fire fighting including 5 years in Bushfire/Wildfire (Basic, Village, Advanced and Crew Leader) and 6 and a half years paid/part time in Structural, Hazmat and I am a Primary Rescue Technician. I currently hold a First-aid/Basic Life Support Skill and also drive the Motor/Engine just to name a few, I am as highly trained in my position as I can be, when I approached my Senior Training Officer to complete more training courses I was refused.
    In Febuary 2009 I received a phone call from my Inspector unexpectedly, asking if I was available to take time off work, to be flown down to Victoria with a crew to fight the infamous Black Saturday Fires. Without hesitation, I accepted immediately and was soon to be on the front line, in charge of my crew facing the worst bush fires in Australia's history.
    In late 2007 I travelled to America for a holiday, during my three month visit I thought i would drop into the local Fire Department to have a chat with the guys and compare how the two Countries perform they're duties, after spending the day with them I ended up having my qualifications faxed over to start voluntary work with them the very next day and continued to "ride along" with the crews whenever I had a spare day or night. I had such an amazing time, exchanged a few tips & tricks and learnt so much from what they had to teach me, I still to this day keep in contact with a couple of the fellas that I became really good mates with and can't wait to go back someday.
    As you can see I am very passionate and dedicated to my love of the job, I would do absolutely anything to get a full-time job even if that meant moving anywhere in the world to obtain this. I have done all of this as well as keep a full-time job in a coal mine as a trainee machinery operator, where in the long run the money will be unreal, but it isn't the money for me that gives me the satisfaction of being there in somebody's time of need.
    I am new to this whole forum thing, but i thought it would be the best way to communicate with others as I didn't know where to start or who to speak to etc...
    Is it true that you can be sponsored in America, Canada, New Zealand or UK and how does that work?
    Is there anybody out there with some information that can help me make this dream come true?
    Thank you for taking the time to read this thread

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    in charge of my crew facing the worst bush fires in Australia's history.
    In late 2007 I travelled to America for a holiday ?

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