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    Post Prevent fogging up of safety glasses?

    Do you guys have any solutions to help prevent the fogging up of safety glasses during extrication? Thanks

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    As long as you dont sweat and get it wet, a small dab of dish soap with no water added might help. Just rub it in till it dries out. I used to do this for my clear hockey face-shield.

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    I have heard of guys putting rain-x on their SCBA facepieces and swearing by it, but I dont know how comfy I would be putting a flammable liquid on my facepiece. Glasses however I suppose I would try once.
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    That would be the RainX Anti Fog for interior windows. Once it is dry, it shouldn't be a problem.
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    spit always worked on my snorkle mask but havent tried it on any protective eyewear

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    Hum this came up on a hunting forum ,as glasses fog up when you wear a facemask. One guy said he too used rain X. So 2 days ago when I picked up my new "glasses" I asked about that,here's what they said.

    Don't do that ! rain X is made for glass, glasses are not glass they'er poly this or that and many chemicals can damage them .

    I'm not saying it'll melt your face piece, and damage if any may occur over time, but I don't think I'll be testing it on mine. I guess the manufacturer would be the right ones to ask though .

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