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Thread: Our first new Engine in 22 years!

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    Quote Originally Posted by npfd801 View Post
    The annual test is to prove the pump can still function as rated from delivery. Usually weeds out major issues or imminent failures by doing a "stress" test on the rig. Having said that, the vast majority of us will rarely if ever use our rig's pumps to full capacity on a regular basis. And if we did, we certainly wouldn't be using front intakes, for one example, on a daily basis if that was our intent. If the gate valves allow the department to achieve an easier transition from tank water to draft without losing water in the attack line, the 100 gpm loss in flow is (likely) in their opinion a fair trade.

    Just my assumption...
    Couldn't have said it better myself. If we worked strictly off of hydrants then we probably wouldn't use gate valves, but since probably 75% of our water supply comes from drafting we consider them necessary.

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    No different than taking the LDH ball valve intakes off to pump test.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bendone View Post
    Why would you test the pump differently than you use it day to day? It should pass the test the way you use it. Otherwise is it really passing the test?
    A gate valve is so you can switch back to tank water if your static source (usually a drop tank) runs dry. I doubt even the best tanker shuttles can dump enough water to max a 1000 plus GPM engine

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