Hey everybody!! My name is Jae. I'm 29 years old and live in beautiful New York City. This past spring I took the computer based FDNY test. I scored a 97! I wanted to be a Firefighter for as long as I can remember. My body and mind weren't ready to make that commitment. When I was ready to take the teat four years ago, I was over 350 lbs! I told myself when this comes up, I'll be ready. I lost 150 lbs and I'm ready. I only wanted to be three things growing up, an author, sheriff in a small town, or a Firefighter. I've had short stories published. Author checked. Sheriff was a phase. LOL. But being a Firefighter was the one I wanted the most. But I felt it was the most far fetch out of the goals. Till a good friend told me to go for it. He would back me up and help in anyway. Now, I play the waiting game. But I'm cool with that. Just want my shot!!! Sorry for such a long post. I'm very passionate . I want this!!!