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    This side of this forums doesnt seem to active =(.

    I`m very new to the state of MA. I am working as a paramedic in the city of worcester but I really want to get into a fire department as ethier a ff/medic or a medic. I have been hearing a lot about on call fire fighters. I am 30 and I know the next civil test is in 2 years. What towns are hiring right now and is there any good sites or people to call that would let me know who is hiring. Also can u put you self through the academy in ma? if so how how can i get info on that. i`ve tried goolged and I am so lost haha..


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    Your only way to a career position is through the civil service exam. You can get on with a local department as a call firefighter or volunteer, but it's not career. Check out the Massachusetts civil service commision for more information about the next exam coming up and info on that. As far as call/volunteer, you'll just have to stop into the local stations and find out.

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