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Thread: Class A Pumper Equipment

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    Default Class A Pumper Equipment

    We have had a pumper donated to us and now we need to outfit it to the Class A standards. I am having a hard time finding those minimum specs for hose, ladders, etc. It has a 1250 gpm pump with 1000 gallon tank. Any info would be appreciated on what we need. Thanks!
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    Here is a link to a thread here, its older but I don't think anything has been changed: (NFPA 1901 Pumper Equipment Requirements)

    Also, here is a link to the ISO requirements. We're making sure our new engine has the ISO setup because we're trying to lower our rating and we need every point we can get.

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    Before you get too far into it, contact ISO. The needed equipment lists for company type are currently under review and not available on ISO's website.
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    Equip it with what you (your area/tactics) NEED , then finish it out wit the ISO engine company equipment.
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    As SJY points out, put what you need on the truck. The stuff that's required is pretty basic (axes, ladders, hose, etc), all of which will fit in the category of stuff you will want on the truck anyhow.

    Beyond that, it's what you want/need to be on the truck.

    Watch your weights - maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to put a particularly heavy item on the truck, especially if it already has a suitable home on another apparatus.
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    Basically all the stuff you NEED will give you most of the ISO required equipment. Off the top of my head the only "extras" are hose clamps and hose jackets, and spare nozzles.

    Additionally, how old is this truck? And has it been pump tested, those things also figure into the equation.

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    Devil's advocate time.....

    Before you purchase anything get the apparatus checked out stem to stern to make sure it is road and fire service worthy because I would be asking why the other FD replaced it and donated this one.

    As someone already mentioned pump test is important. Not only for the rating you want but for your guys safety also. Don't want your pump to not work when needed.

    Are you putting this one in place of another you have?

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